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Unfortunately it results in the same error message as before, "mainWin. document.forms[0].submit is not a function". Whats interesting is I can get the name of the opener window after submitting the popup form via alert(), but I just cant seem to get that form to submit. window.opener.document error in IE. I am using a Wordpress plugin for clickable smileys. When a person comments on my blog, they can click the smiley they want and the code for it is transferred to the textbox.function smileys(tag) . The opener property corresponds to the window that opens the window. When accessed by a childfunction openWin() var myBars directoriesno,locationno,menubarno,statusno myBarsThis is a test. var newWin open(, myDoc, myFeatures) newWin. document.writeln(

document. That immediately releases read info. But I still cant set info, even using. .

get( show-total.php, function ( info ).the popup will return the cropped pic to the opener window (form). Amd Window.opener.document In FireFox.Is there a property that also knows the form field parent? My function does not know which of the 3 select menus called it. What can I do? I have a page that creates a popup window, then in the new window i created a new button element and attach a onclick event then attach it to the parent window. var openerDoc window.opener.document var newButton openerDoc.createElement(button Re: How to run a function on closing the popup? First of all, Im not talking about modal windows, opened with showModalDialog(), but those opened with help for Communicating with a pop-ups parent. window.opener. document.forms[test A window can determine the name of its opener as follows: document.write("
opener property is " can call the confirmCleanUp function in the onClick event handler of a forms push button, as shown in the following exampleet me diriger vers la page nouveau message mais en gardant window.parent. document.forms[ form ].pseudo.value document.form.choix[i].value "" Javascript.For that only defining a java script function on parent page is not alert(task completed). window.opener.document. function returnSelect() . window.document.forms[0].choiceprocessType.value window.opener.document.forms[0]window.

opener.document.forms[0].pevent.value getprocessName Any idea how to overcome this. Thanks in advance So if the name of the form in parent window is f1 and the text box where we want the value to be passed is pname ( in parent window ) then from the child window wescript langauge"javascript"> function postvalue() opener.document.f1.n1.value document.frm.cname.value dont try and access the openers document from the popup. Instead pass a reference to the form object in the popup window to a function in the opener and call it. You load the site and see all sorts of weird errors: "().ready is not a function" "(document) doesnt support this property or method" Or my personal favorite: "null is null or not an object". window.opener.document.forms(0).abcd.value. but neither of them worked for it will give you more precise result. you can also assign the value returned by the function to a variable and perform operation on it eg Line: 44 Char: 3 Error: opener.document is null or not an object Code: 0 URL: http:myforum/viewforum.phpShows the help messages in the helpline window /.function initInsertions() . var doc if (document.forms[formname]) . The DOM and all the functions from the parent window are then accessible from the popup/child window via window.opener. For example, if the parent window contained a function called "foo", it could be called from the popup window like so i have a popup window, then when i finished (pressing submit button) call onSubmit method of the form and then call some method ini recive this error message: window.opener.document.nameForm.getElementById is not a function. hi ranchers, using this script to popup window its work fine in Internet Explorer but in FireFox it give the error. Error: window.opener.document.forms is not a function Source File. .window.opener.document is null or not an object. Here is the javascript function that opens the windowAccording the code you posted, the first error is caused by code "window. opener.document.form.Name.value strFile" You should replace "window.opener. document.form.Name" with "window.opener.document.forms["adminForm" Dim CloseScript As String "". In .NET 2.0 you have to add this to the page to register above Javascript Window.opener.document Not Working In Chrome This is an original snipped form the sourceviewaccording to documentations and solutions proposed on different forums a popup or child window can be only closed using window.close() if it is opened via function. Fortunately, some forms display a question mark next to the form field, which opens a popup window containing additional information.The JavaScript that is used for all TEXT inputs is: function input(formName, obj, val) opener.document.forms[formName].elements[obj].value val document.forms[myform].submit() is not a function. Why? This isnt working, but ever line seems to be OK. The answer is dont name the input typesubmit with the trivial submit. top.window.opener.document.forms["form1"].elements["imageURL"].value "Form.selected" Note: I am processing this script on a ColdFusion page, hence the use of Form.selected. Thanks again for the help. Recently I had a task to open a popup window with post request data.The popup window was linked to an action in grails where I had applied filters.var form document.createElement("form") form.setAttribute("method", "post") form.setAttribute("action", url) form.setAttribute("target", name) window.opener document.numbersfrm.action sendfrm.php?totypenumbersof the child window form into the parent window form, then calls a function in the parent which closes the child window and submits the form in the parent. Heres where the window.opener property comes in.The code inside the remote control window should come as trivial to most of you simply create a function that loads the specified url to the window.opener property i am using the below java script function,, this function works when i am using normal form not master form, function SetName() if (window.opener ! null ! window.opener.closed) var txtName window.opener.document.getElementById("txtName") txtName.value window.opener.document.getElementById not working. In my web app, I create a popup window with a button.Alternatively, you may be able to put this line of JavaScript in a function on your parent page, and then call something along the lines of window. opener.functionName(). function DoPostBack() window.opener.document.forms(0).submit() self.close() You can also easily check that if the post back occurred or not by using these lines in the parent page. Microsoft Jscript runtime error: window.opener.document.TextBoxRateLockDate is null or not an not a good way to have a txthidden in all pages. i tried to use a global variable that is not working.bkoz the caller function is in a separate js file and is being used in pageA.aspx. any o Ive deleted the window.close-line of the function, but still no links/buttons are working after submitting the main form by the functionif (selindex!0) window.close() var openerformwindow.opener.document.myForm var openeroptionsopener form.myselect var When the form is canceled, the variables are cleared from the session scope and the window is closed.function CancelCOD() window.opener.document.frmPickup.COD.checked false location.href"step3codclose.cfm" I used to use the following JavaScript code in my popup windows:

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