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Blogger now redirects blogspot blogs to country-specific domains in most countries. You can use a simple JavaScript snippet to prevent your blog redirection.Prevent Blogger from Redirecting your Blogspot Blog to Country-Specific URLs. Why should you redirect old URL to new URL in blogger/blogspot ?[spacer height20px].Note : You do not need to enter full blog url in the both From and To option. Just enter url and leave the Domain name. [spacer height20px]. Click a domain name in the list to go to its Domains Settings pageClick Finish. When visitors enter your domain name into their browser, they will now be redirected to your blog site. If not, read : DomainKing Domain Name Registration Guide for Nigerians to get started.After 5 10 minutes, go back to your Blogger settings page and try saving it again. If successful, click edit and tick the redirect option. Make a redirect file called index.html .In the redirect file, it should have a simple HTML code statement which will redirects your domain name to which is where your blogger blogspot blog will be located at. point domain name to www. redirect naked domain name in blogspot.How to Setup Custom Domain Name on Blogspot with Godaddy. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. In this part, I am going to guide you to on redirecting your old blogspot.

com blog to your custom domain. Eg: From to your domain name with a www as shown in the screenshot below. Eg- www. If I will purchase a domain from go daddy and link it with my blogspot account. Then Is it necessary to purchase a hosting or the domain name is enough ?How much will it cost me to have a custom domain at blogger? Perhaps I need to first buy the domain at godaddy and then only redirect it to Instead of the .com domain extension, your visitors will see their country specific domain extensions. Blogspot blogs in India so far have been redirected to blog- address instead of Cara Mengubah Domain Blogspot Menjadi Domain .com, .org, .net (TLD Custom Domain) - Продолжительность: 11:30 Syamsul Alam 15 377 просмотров.How to redirect Godaddy Domain name to Blogger - Продолжительность: 3:16 Vishal Sharma 4 144 просмотра. Why to redirect domain name? When web hosting is changed (moving site), there is no problem to point domain to new server, just changing DNS. When new domain must replace old domain, then could be a problem with search engines. Once its added, Google will take care of redirection part, and anyone if opens your BlogSpot blog address, he/she will be automatically redirected to your new custom domain name. Domain Name Redirect Services.

Its no secret that a short, memorable domain name is what is needed to help visitors to a website. It also helps if the domain name contains keywords that are likely to rank high in search engines. Redirect Domain Blogspot. Posted by amaniaah on October 28, 2013. Tahniah kepada yang telah membeli nama domain .biz.Tags: biz, blogger, blogspot, domain name, malaysia, nama domain. If users from UK visit your blog manually by writing your blog name and from google indexed result, they redirected to "", and this is not limited to the users of your country, a user fromHere we focus to stop and simply stop google country redirection for blogspot domain. If you just blog on Blogger and use their free platform, you are stuck with a . blogspot subdomain URL. Google doesnt provide free custom domain names.For a couple bucks a year, you can actually buy your own domain name, and set up a redirect so you get all the perks of FREE hosting with the PHP links not being re-done Is it a better practice to redirect http to https using URL Redirect Record on DNS or is it better to redirect on server?How to configure DNS host record so that my website shows domain name instead of ip address? The domain age of your blog must be at least 6 months old. Website should be user. Instead of that you can buy custom domain name and can redirect it to your blogspot.Hello Friends I want to know how to Redirect blogger blog to Domain. Setting up a custom domain can sometimes be very time consuming and frustrating with it comes to "A- NAME" and "C-NAME" record or where to find them. Go Daddy, the worlds largest domain registrar, made a very handy tool that makes it possible to redirect your blogspot domain to a custom Go Firstly, please note that this tutorial will be a step by step howto for Blogger blogs but will work on any other html blogs too. This pos Hello I want to ask that as i started my blog in 2010 and it have near about 1200 posts can i take a domain name for it and redirect all posts to custom domain .i want to Redirect Traffic to Another Adsense Approved Blog post By post can You Suggest me if I Have Disabled The benefit of using a custom domain in blogger blogs is many but the most interesting one is that, it removes the blogspot extension from your blogToday in this article we will help you in the setup process of your Blogger blog custom domain name and redirecting it properly to new custom domain. Choosing a domain name for a blog is not that difficult. But before you decide any domain name for your blog you really should consider reading these three tips to choose a perfectRedirect Custom Domain to BlogSpot. Now, you configured your custom domain at Godaddy for your Blogger blog. and Add your domain name in the Forward to field, select 301(Permanent)in the redirect type field and keep Type forward only. Step 7. You can now go to your blogger platform re-enter the purchased domain name and hopefully your address will soon redirect to your new custom I want to redirect my custom domain, www name. com to my old blogspot domian for example httpAnswers 1. The answer depends on whether your domain registrar provides this option.Blogger subdomain not redirecting to my custom domain. Updated December 01, 2016 08:01 AM.Blogspot platform for your website, it is important to have a preferred domain name for yourGo to Domain Settings tab, then to Domain Names.Select the Redirect your naked domain link and remove the triple Ws and save was something like and now if people come to your blog from India they will be redirected.So that affected Alexa rankings and many backlinks and other stuff so overcome that we found an interesting script that can redirect your Blogger blog back to .com domain name. Google is adding further security to the world wide web by introducing HTTPS for every blogspot domain name.Were also adding a new setting called HTTPS Redirect that allows you to opt-in to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS, Mr. Perera continued. Moving your website to a new domain can be a daunting but necessary process. Whether youre moving your site for a rebrand, consolidation or youve simply got your hands on a better domain, you should be thinking about your SEO. Domain Names.How can I redirect a non-www domain to www through domain [dot] com control panel? Is it good to redirect a Blogspot blog to a GoDaddy custom domain or not? to redirect an old website to a new address. to setup several domains pointing to one website. to enforce only one version of your website (www. or no-www).Then edit CNAME recording with your domain name (with www) to ( blogspot address) according below table,and use TTL Last year Blogger started to redirecting blogspot domains to country specific domain names. For example, in India if an user tries to access, he will redirect to For a professional blogger, custom domain name for his blog is must and this tutorial explains step by step procedure to add it for a blogspot blog. It also explains how to redirect root page and other posts successfully to the respective pages in new address. My blog does not redirect to https version, I am using .tk free domain. Blogger Blogspot has officially supported HTTPS for custom domain by default.When you have yourdomain,com in orange, am I suppose to add my domain name? Permalink. Add the domain name/ URL you wish to redirect. The parked domain name will be redirected to the main site which is also the primary domain name.How do I map my domain to my Blogspot account? Note: Country-specific domains is not a different blog address, but a domain redirect based on the country where youre currently located.Blogspot domains. There wont be any visible differences in your blog. This one will be useful if you have just migrated to new domain with new blogging platform.The above code just redirects user from the specified BlogSpot URL to another website or URL.Have you ever heard the name robots.txt or have. now go to domain name control panel,change nameserver as per instruction. also add cname . now go back to blogspot blog and click on set up a third party url,click on redirect domain. thats all. First steps for Redirecting a Domain Name to Blogger/Blogspot.To set it up, select the Domain Name you want, then select web forwarding, click on add a redirect, then on simple mode www and all sub areas. 3.Click on your domain name. 4.To add a CNAME record, click NEW ROW. 5.Enter blog as Host Name , asThe only way is to use a sub-domain or use the main domain.Once you are done with the steps mentioned here, your old blogspot blog will be 301 redirected to the Move your Blogger blog to a new domain to remove the blogspot domain name .How to Make Blogspot Redirect to Another Site. Sharing a Blog Post From Blogspot on Facebook. How to Delete the Home Button on Blogger. Click Domain Control Panel below the domain youd like to use with your blog.I did follow your instructions. Is there anything I should do to redirect it to my blog?Here is a link to their official guide titled How do I use a custom domain name for my blog? 301 Redirect Blog Domain, SubDomains, and Blog URLS to HTTPS.I will assume you didnt know what to do! the little guide below will show you how to enable HTTPS for your free BlogSpot domain name. With a single line of HTML you can redirect visitors to any website you wish from any site. For example, if you move your website from a hosted Blogger blog (located on the Blogspot domain) How do I use a custom domain name on my blog? Whether Blogger/Blogspot implements a redirect is really up to Google, as Google is effectively your hosting provider when you use that blogging platform. Select I have a domain and put the name of your domain there and click redirect. Another way to redirect is to create and CNAME entry in your hosting account.How to Redirect Blogspot Blog at any custom Domain or Go Daddy Domain step by step guide |. Under your blogspot website name, you can see this line Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog.Third Phase: Connecting your bare domain name to blospot website by redirecting. This tutorial can be followed for any domain name (.com, .net etc) not neccessarily recently moved my blogger hosted blog to a self hosted wordpress domain. I intended to move it using a 301 redirect, but couldnt get that to work properly, so I decided to use a relcanonical redirect.domain,add your domain name there. now go to domain name control panel,change nameserver as per instruction. also add cname . now go back to blogspot blog andRecommendblogger - 301 redirect from blogspot to another blogspot with custom domain. tails check the Fetch as Google tool. Redirect Custom Domain. Jumat, 07 Maret 2008.DNS stands for Domain Name System: a DNS server determines what site a given address takes you to. You need to tell the DNS servers that visitors to your custom domain should be directed to your Blogspot blog, which is what were doing here.

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