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Can PS3s play PS2 games? YES, not all but a while heck of a lot!!! You now cant on the new ones.Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. Some PlayStation 3s can play PS2 games, and some cant, so how do you know if your PS3 is PlayStation 2 backward compatible or not?While all current PlayStation 3s (PS3) can play original PlayStation Games (PSone discs and downloadable classics) not all are PS2 compatible. Boards. PlayStation 3. can the ps3 play ps2 games?Only the first few models, specifically the 60GB CECHA model had the feature to play 99 of Playstation games. The new versions are not able to play PS2 games. Written May 23, 2015 View Upvotes. This is proof that the PS3 Slim can play PS1 games, but not PS2. the Playstation 3 Slim models Can play. play PS1 games on Playstation Console!!!!NEW. Even PS3s with these serial numbers will not play all PS2 games perfectly quality of performance depends on the game.If you want to play older games on your PS3 but dont have the original discs, you may be able to buy digital copies of PS2 or PS1 games in the PlayStation Store. Mount the game and play Webman: Go into the webman settings and refresh xml. Your PS3 will restart. Once it has restarted, your game should be in the Playstation 2 list in webman. While the PS2 cannot play PS3 games, some early models of the PlayStation 3 console are capable of playing PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games. These models have been discontinued. If your PS3 is not compatible with PS2 discs, you can find many popular games on the PlayStation Store. If you have a modded PS3, you can use it to play any PS2 game, even if your model doesnt normally support it. Yes, PS3 can play all! Requirements: PS3 with CFW, memory cards are created and MultiMan is installed. There are many websites that you can download PSX and PS2 games from, my usual is When the PS3 20GB PS3 60GB and the First generation PS380GB which did have B/C for Disc based PS2 games. Sony kept the option open since they were planning to sell Playstation 2 Classics from the Playstation store.

Playing PS3/360/PS2 games on PC. By rekot in forum Capturing.Hauppauge HD PVR or HAVA Platinum HD to record PS3 Games. Controller extension cable cord WIRE for PlayStation PS1/PS2 game consoles PDS.This is a PAL Playstation Game.

Please make sure you can play this on your console before buying this item. Not only tiny tots, but youngsters too are a great fond of PlayStation and Xbox. It is all due to their popularity, that companies are in the race of launching newer versions to engage the fans. The first position in the list of such games is taken by PS2 and PS3. Play station 2 is a video game which The PS3, or Playstation 3 is not capable of playing PS2, or Playstation 2 games. Playstation 2 games are not compatible with the PS3 Blue Ray technology. Can PS3s play PS2 games? YES, not all but a while heck of a lot!!! You now cant on the new ones.Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. How to play PS3 games on the PS2 cocomonkilla. This code goes around the internal version checking that prevents PS3 games from working.Sure you can play ps2 games in ps3 a mod chip is being. Mod a PlayStation 2 Slimline for FREE! So Today i will be bringing a very detailed tutorial on how to play your Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Games On your Jailbroken PS3. There will be 2 versions of tutorial i will be explaining so read carefully. Requirements Needed:[/COLOR]. Where to Get PS2 Games for PS3 Consoles Not Compatible. Just because a PS 3 is not directly compatible doesnt mean that one cant play their favorite PS2 titles on a PS3. It just means that PS2 games must be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. This means that the slim PS3s do not support PS2 games.HD remakes are the way that Sony plan on allowing us to play PS2 games on the PS3. In the past few years there have been a lot of PS2 games released in digital form on the Playstation Store. Home Playstation Forum Can my PS3 play PS2 games?PS3s do NOT play PS2 games anymore. There IS NOT A DISC that allows it either. That was a MICROSOFT thing. I wish people would learn what they are talking about if they want to answer questions. Is the PS4 backwards compatible? Ever since launching back in 2013, PS4 has lacked a truly accessible form of backwards compatibility. PlayStation Now isnt the most ideal way to play your PS3 library, and purchasing old PS2 classics is convenient, if a little harsh on your wallet. I have a Super Slim Ps3 and wanna play my Old Ps2 games on my ps3Home Forums PC, Console Handheld Discussions Sony PlayStation 3 Discussions PS3 - Hacking Homebrew. Can I play Ps2 games on my Ps3. I remembered that You could play PS1 games on the PS2 game console and wondered if you Playstation Forum Can you play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console? You cant play PS2 games on DEX, the emulator doesnt load correctly. I believe it works with COBRA but im not sure.Tutorial on how to play PS PLUS games on Jailbroken a CEX console. PS2 game you want to play 5. Go back to multiman and your game will be copied as a [ PS2 Classic], choose that one 6. Launch Game from PS2 Classics Placeholder Icon (Press the PS button to turn on the Controller). All versions of the PS3 to date can play PS1 games. All this information is fully accurate.I had a 60GB fat PS3 awhile back, and played PS2 games on it. I sold it and it was a very rare PS3 because of the serial number and that it was backwards compatible. Four PS1 Games We Still Love Going Back To Get Nostalgic: Jump To Specific PS3 Games for Kids.Hi guys, im new , i dont unterstand nothing about ps3 hacking, i want know how play ps3 downloaded games like torrents, and more.I want play GTA V , but how? Sure you can play ps2 games in ps3 a mod chip is being developed for that purpose and the Malaysian team a 15 member team across asia. are held responsible but the sony have put a court case on them to not release the mod chip until january 2010. 9 Answers - Can you play PS3 games on 18/12/2016 The PS2 had a Linux version, Linux for PlayStation 2 or PS2Linux, sort of a simplified developer kit (or Dev Kit), which allowed game building by anyone Can I play PS3, PS2 and PS One games on my PS4? PS4 backwards compatibility is a feature often requested by fans ever since the console launched in 2013.Which Playstation 3 can play the PS2 games too? | You can play Playstation 2 games in the 20 GB and in the 60 GB.that is so stupid! you pay more money to git the 80 gig but on it you cant play as many ps2 games tht is gay! How to Play PS2 games on PS3 CFW - Duration. List of Play. Station and Play.Are PS2 Games Compatible with a PS3? Can you play playstation 2 games on the ps3 console? ps3 games are not supose 2 play ps2 games. Jul 25, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console.1. "Ps2 disc Boot Error , An error occurred during the start operation Ps2 game swapped using the eject function and then play pressed quickly - Backup ps2 game inserted again". Why wont my PS3 play ps2 games? I guess you could pick up a ps2 slim for. PS3 | Unleash essential entertainment that say if i download the PS2 system data thing from the Playstation Store, it will allow me to play my PS2 games on my PS3. Home Playstation Forum can my ps3 play ps2 games?40gb ps3 have no support on ps2 games by removing the hardware and software parts on the ps2. I play socom online all the time on there. Go to your setting thing where the memory is and make and internal memory card in the ps3 ok?PC Games and Steam Action and Shooters Adventure Arcade, Classic Puzzle RPG Sports/Simulation Strategy PS4 Games - - PlayStation 4 Now You Can Download PS2 PS3 XBox Nintendo PC Games More For can i ps2 games on my ps3 Free the number one full PC game downloads site on the internet.Can a 60gb phat PS3 with two USB slots play PS2 games? It wont play ps2 games, but it will play ps1 gamesmostly.Feel thats just an excuse they could of easily kept the chip and reduced the price. Its nice you can play old ps1 games, but it more of made more sense if you cold of played ps2 for the slim model. I heard there is a program you can download to make the 40gb version play ps2 games I have not been able to find it.

There is a great page on the PlayStation website that addresses this very issue of backwards compatibility on a " game-by-game" basis. The answer is negative, PS2 and PS3 games are using different coding and formatting.In fact, only the very first of PS3 devices can play PS2 games, but that was really minor part. A Secret Weapon for Ps3 Can Play Ps2 Games.When you purchase game software for your PlayStation 2, you have to have the console to have the ability to play your games. On the hand, the computer program backup application isnt hard to take care of. no unless u buy them throw ps3 online ore get a ps3 jailbreak chip or usb drive.Fortunately, PS2 systems can be picked up for roughly 50 these days (albeit used or refurbished) so if you want PS2 capability as well, its not all that expensive to have the PS2 as well. The 40GB, 80GB re-release, 160GB, and the slim version of the PS3 are not officially backwards compatible with PS2 games because all hardware chips from the former console are omitted and there is no software emulation however, a chipped method is available. The new 80gb ps3s cant play ps2 games, and thats that. Theres nothing you can do about it. The 80gb models with the ps2 graphics chip built in and emulationEven if your Playstation 3 could play Playstation 2 games, most of them wont work since only very few are supported by the emulator. Can we play PS2 and PS3 games on a PS4? How do I fix my PS3 Super Slim?Can an NTSC PS2 play PAL games? How do I hack a PS2 slim? Can PlayStation 3 games be run (emulated?) on a PC? If yes, then what is the recommended way to do it? PS3 Slim cant play PS2 games. Enjoy exclusive PlayStation3 games and exciting PS3 features.In terms of, can you play any PS2 games on a PS3 slim, yes there are some. Kotaku story as example. However, my PS3 can create a PS2 internal memory card. Does this mean I can play PS2 games on my PS3?Is there some kinda downloadable emulator for my PS3? The damn thing can play PS games, but cant play PS2! PS3 USB Mod- Chip Play Games from PS3 Hard Disk. PS Jailbreak is the first mod chip for PS3 game files.For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled How can i mod my gta san andreas in my ps2?. You cant simply play PS3 games on PS4 using a disc or by downloading them from the PlayStation Network.Instead, you can only play PS3 games on PS4 using a Sony service known as PlayStation Now. CAN MY PS3 320gb PLAY PS2 AND PS1 GAMES. cold of played ps2 for the slim.This is proof that the PS3 Slim can play PS1 games, but not PS2. the Playstation 3 Slim models Can play. play PS1 games on Playstation Console!!!!NEW.

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