auto refresh page without javascript





Want i am aiming to achieve is to refresh this data automatically every 5-10 seconds without having to reload the entire page.I can easely use javascript to auto refresh the page every 10 sec for example but, isnt this going to overload the page having to ask for any change every 10 secons? is javascript - Reload a DIV without reloading the whole page what var autorefresh? youre not using it anywhere, just call setInterval, dont assign it to a variable you never use. Bryan Sep 14 13 at 7:58. Auto-Refresh You can also use JavaScript to refresh the page automatically after a given time period. Auto-refresh a webpage with html.I try to steer clear of modifying a page without the user triggering the change, much less automatically refresh or redirect a page. script>. I am trying to refresh the div content without refreshing the whole page.How to style a


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